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Once you complete the workshop interest form: (also viewable using the QR code), you will be notified if there are changes in the schedule. The Song team events have been confirmed to date. We will receive Cheer information in the next few weeks. Please check our Instagram account for updates as well: @aliso_pepsquad

  • Songleading skills clinic led by Sydney Davis, Varsity Coach of award winning ANHS Song Team

  • Cheerleading skills clinic led by Shane Bigelow, Varsity Coach of award winning ANHS Cheer Team


These classes are not meant to teach you technique, but to show you skills needed and give you a basic idea of pep squad moves/routines. Some students come in with minimal experience and are able to excel from these classes. Others are able to determine if it is OR is not an activity they want to pursue. If your child has basic coordination skills and is interested in furthering their technique, we encourage them to take a dance (Song) or tumbling (Cheer) class from a specialized studio/gym. We are able to recommend a few, if needed. Attending our workshops do NOT guarantee that you make the team. 

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