Discount Cards

Discount Cards are our BIGGEST Fundraiser of the year.

Every Pep Squad Member is encouraged to sell 20 cards @ $10. Dates have been set up to offer Pep Squad girls the opportunity to sell at local grocery stores.  It's fun and easy.

 Sign up on

We will be selling these at  local area stores.  Check your email for sign up opportunities.  Money due back on 9/11/2019.

Family Restaurant Nights

Restaurant nights are a great way to spend time with family and friends, while supporting our Community businesses and having money come back to our Program.  We all have to eat so lets have fun with this and make money too.  20% goes directly back to Pep Squad

The Following Dates have been confirmed:

Ballpark Pizza_________10/09/2019 11:30am - 9pm - Click to see Flyer

Clothes 4 Cash

Clothes 4 Cash is our EASIEST fundraiser of the year!

11/3/2019-11/4/2019 here for flyer

See's Candies 

Orders are due by 11/22/2019.  Click here for order form.