Board of Directors and Team Representatives

​​Board of Directors


President - Amy Miley

Treasurer - Shawna Haughawout

VP Fundraising - Jeanine Dibley

Secretary - Arlene Lorenz

Director of Sponsorships - Mindy Stein

All Squad Representive - Lori Ellsworth

​​Team Representatives

JV Song Rep - Stacy Beato

JV Song Historian - Open

JV Cheer Rep - Andi Tinsley & Becca Wyckoff

JV Cheer Historian - Open

Varsity Song Rep - Robin Koph

Varsity Song Historian - Jeanine Dibley

Varsity Cheer  Rep- Staci Tornquist and Carin Giauque

Varsity Cheer Historian - Nancy Davinni

Faculty Advisor

Andrew Mashburn